You’ve probably seen pictures of both procedures, and no matter how long you stare at them, you can’t really see the difference between permanent makeup and microblading. If you feel that way, no problem, we will help you see and feel the difference.

Permanent makeup and microblading in Ealing may seem like the same thing, but they are actually very different procedures. Both are a type of cosmetic tattooing, a practice that has been used for many years and uses the tattooing or pigmentation of the epidermis to achieve a makeup-like result.

To many people who do not know much about the subject, a cosmetic tattoo looks like vanity, but in reality it is much more than that. Many people with hair loss, scarring, baldness, genetic abnormalities and even cancer are turning to cosmetic tattoos to feel better and more confident about their appearance. Despite the differences between permanent makeup in Ealing and Microblading, both procedures can improve the appearance regardless of the reasons.

Permanent Makeup vs Microblading

There are three main differences between permanent makeup and microblading:

  • Although permanent makeup is not forever or truly permanent, it is still more permanent compared to microblading in Ealing. It can last up to 3 years, depending on the person and their skin.
  • Permanent make-up can be done on the eyeliner, lips and eyebrows. Microblading is only done on the eyebrows.
  • Permanent makeup in Ealing is done with an electrically powered machine that resembles the regular ones used by a tattoo artist. Microblading uses a scalpel that does not require batteries or electricity.

Let’s describe each of the procedures in a little more detail to make the differences between microblading and permanent makeup in Ealing clearer.

Permanent make-up in Ealing

Permanent makeup or powdered brows in Ealing, as it is commonly called, is a type of cosmetic procedure that uses a needle and tattoo machine to inject pigment into the skin to visually enhance facial features. Most often these are eyeliner, lips and eyebrows. It is also possible to make permanent makeup of shadows or powder, but these are significantly less frequent procedures. You may also come across several other names used for the same permanent makeup procedure – intradermal pigmentation, micropigmentation, and permanent cosmetic.

Women are significantly more typical consumers of permanent makeup in Ealing, but men also resort to this procedure. Have you ever heard of scalp pigmentation? Anyway, most women resort to permanent makeup to save time for daily makeup. It is easy to calculate how much it takes to apply makeup each day. Permanent makeup in Ealing means you’ll wake up every morning with makeup on and you’ll have at least 15-20 minutes more free time for other things. Therefore, it is an easy choice for many women who like to wear makeup.

Permanent Makeup

There are a variety of different shapes and styles that can be used in permanent makeup. Some beauticians use pre-made templates to outline the shape of the eyebrows. This is usually not recommended by professionals because the templates are not made and tailored to the specific client’s face. Other beauticians who perform permanent makeup spend considerable time measuring the client’s eyebrows and determining the best shape for them. In any case, responsible and accredited specialists will spend time with the client for a consultation, where they will draw several options and try different colors before the permanent makeup procedure to make sure that the client will be happy with the final result. The fill can be solid or feathery for a more natural look.

Permanent makeup in Ealing is very popular all over the world. Just go on Instagram and search for #permanentmakeup and you’ll see what we’re talking about. There are millions of posts in this hashtag. Many beauties use it including celebrities and models.

In Western countries and especially in America, the permanent makeup craze has perhaps been slower to spread because there has been some fear about how permanent it is. If you are a makeup fan, you may be concerned that you have to be with a certain color and shape of makeup for so long, but it shouldn’t be.

For example, if you’re doing permanent eyeliner and you decide you want to change the color or shape depending on the occasion, you might start by doing a very soft line between the lashes to give your eyes a little more depth.

Although most people choose natural-looking eyeliner colors and shapes when applying permanent makeup in Ealing, the end result on everyone’s appearance depends on their preferences and should not be the only thing that judges an aesthetician on whether it is good or bad.

As a permanent make-up, many people are afraid of it, because they immediately see a vision of eyebrows drawn by a 5-year-old child with a scalpel in hand. No one wants to have this on their face, permanently.

Always the, worst case scenario one can imagine gives things a bad name. But permanent makeup in Ealing is meant to look real and natural, and it’s not as permanent as you might think. Of course, as with anything, it depends on the individual how long it lasts, but most people would need a few touch-ups a few years after the initial procedure.

Microblading in Ealing

Microblading has gained incredible popularity recently, and deservedly so. We’ve told you before about the benefits of eyebrow microblading, and both permanent makeup and microblading are cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the most important of your facial features – your eyebrows.

Beautiful Face Thanks To Powdered Brows

Probably one of the reasons microblading in Ealing has enjoyed such success and popularity recently is that it is a relatively new technique. Microblading is a procedure that, unlike permanent makeup, is semi-permanent, which means it can last up to 3 years, but after that it will start to fade. The reason it lasts less than permanent makeup is that a hand tool is used. While permanent makeup artists use an electric machine similar to that used by a regular tattoo artist, microblading is simply a hand tool with an interesting scalpel.

The hand tool allows the professional to make very precise, superficial incisions on the eyebrows that follow the direction of the hairs.

It’s important to note that while microblading aims to show how natural it can look, permanent makeup artists have been achieving the same natural-looking result for years. It’s all about the technique to make the eyebrows look better

Conclusions on the differences and similarities between microblading and permanent makeup

There are numerous articles on the internet and various videos that incorrectly refer to permanent makeup as microblading in Ealing. I hope that after you can already notice these differences and you can explain to your girlfriends what the difference between the two procedures is. If you are interested in getting microblading or permanent makeup, you should already be able to explain exactly what you want to achieve.

A helpful tip from me: If this is your first time getting a cosmetic tattoo, it might be best to start with eyebrow microblading in Ealing. That way, you will feel what it means to have perfect eyebrows 24 hours a day and you do not make an eternal commitment if it turns out that you are not satisfied with the result 100 percent. However, if you’re excited about your brows, remember that you’re getting microblading, not permanent makeup, and it will fade over time. When you decide to do such a procedure again, you can choose permanent makeup, and then the result will last longer than microblading.


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