Permanent Makeup Lips

Permanent makeup of lips: always alluring, bright and full lips without any lipstick

Lipstick, contour pencil, gloss – women should use these cosmetics throughout the day to maintain the desired shape and color of their lips.

Lip makeup doesn’t seem to take long, but the contour is often not perfectly smooth, the lipstick wears off and the lips lose their appearance. That is why every day more and more women choose permanent makeup of lips in Kircheva Beauty London: impeccable appearance, quality and safety.

Micropigmentation for lips in Kircheva Beauty London is an opportunity to get the perfect shape and color of the lips for up to 3 years! Except of lips we are also doing permanent makeup of eyebrows and eyeliner permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup of Lips

£200 per treatment

£70 retouch

Many advantages of permanent makeup of lips:

  • The most important advantage of permanent makeup of lips is that under no circumstances will it deteriorate, float or rub off. In the middle of the night, after visiting the pool, after eating – your lips will always look perfect!
  • Permanent makeup of lips aims to correct the shape of your lips: it can increase their volume, smooth or change their contour. It allows you to successfully hide the imperfections of your lips, birth defects, small scars and more.
  • Lip micro-pigmentation can be a great alternative to a variety of procedures such as injecting Botox and hyaluronic acid on your lips. Professionally executed permanent makeup of lips allows you to significantly visually enlarge the lips and give them extra volume. Thick lips have always been considered a sign of female sexuality.
  • You can look great while saving a lot of time on makeup. Do not forget about the savings you will make with the use of permanent makeup of lips. After all, contour pencils and lipsticks will not be useful for a long time!

Advantages of this method:

  • Very lasting effect. Permanent makeup lasts up to 3-5 years.
  • The ability to change the result. Thanks to the procedures for correction of micropigmentation, you can radically change the result if you do not like it. You can adjust both the shape and the color. In addition, you can completely remove laser micropigmentation if you decide that permanent makeup of lips is not for you.
  • Individual approach. Before the procedure, the specialist, together with the client, chooses the lightest shades of color, draws a contour and tries different options. Permanent makeup of lips, made by a professional, allows you to choose the most profitable solution for women with any skin color and hair, face type and original lip shape.
  • Adequate price. Calculate how much money you spend in 3-5 years on contour pencils and lipstick. Now compare the figure with the price of permanent makeup of lips. Surprising, but it turns out to be extremely profitable?

What is actually micropigmentation of lips?

During the lip micropigmentation procedure, known as permanent makeup of lips, a special pigment is introduced under the skin to a depth of 0.8 millimetres. In other words, this is a simple tattoo, simply because of the specifics of the dye, it completely disappears over time.

The procedure is performed using a thin disposable micropigmentation needle. Read more about permanent lip makeup.

Permanent makeup of lips (micropigmentation) is becoming increasingly popular around the world, as many women have already tried this procedure and appreciated its benefits.

In Kirchev Beauty we will offer you different types of permanent makeup of lips:

  1. Lip contour. This is a great way to emphasize the shape of the lips and make the lines of the lips more expressive and clear. It looks like a contour pencil, but more natural.
  2. Peren contour. It differs from the ordinary contour in the most natural and soft appearance. During the procedure, the pigment is applied in a way to create an expressive contour of the lips, which blends smoothly with their natural color.
  3. Complete shading – permanent lipstick. This type of permanent makeup for lips involves completely coloring them and changing their color accordingly. So you always get the opportunity to look like you’re putting expensive lipstick on your lips.
  4. Light kayaking is a way to add extra volume to your lips. For this purpose, the specialist draws a light line around the contour of the lips and paints areas below and above the lip. This technique allows you to give the much desired full lips to girls who can not boast of voluminous lips by nature.

The different steps of the process?

Before you do micropigmentation on your lips, you need to decide your preferences: what results you want to achieve, what you like in lip makeup and what not. Of course, even if you have no idea what you want to get in the long run, the salon specialist will help you make a decision.

During the preliminary conversation you can ask all your questions, discuss all the important points of the procedure and the care that is necessary for permanent makeup of lips.

The most important stage of micropigmentation is the selection of the shape and color of the lips. The specialist will listen to all your wishes and preferences and will draw your “new” lips. If everything suits you, you can move on to the next step – direct micropigmentation.

Many girls are interested in how they can relief the pain, during the procedure. Various ointments and gels as well as anaesthetic injections are used for this purpose.

Then the direct application of micropigmentation begins. The duration the procedure depending on the type of permanent makeup of lips you choose, because you can paint not only on the contour, but also on the lips.

After the micropigmentation, the specialist from Kircheva Beauty in London applies special antiseptic and healing agents on the lips and gives you recommendations for care.

Preparation before the permanent makeup of lips

Before the procedure, it is necessary to take antiviral drugs for 5 days to prevent the appearance of herpes virus infection on the lips.

Time for recovery

The micropigmentation procedure is associated with a violation of the skin surface, so a certain healing period follows. As a rule, this period is 3-5 days.

On the first day after the procedure, your lips will be slightly swollen, and on the second or third day, brightly colored crusts will appear. On the third or fourth day, the crusts begin to exfoliate and the lips gradually acquire their “new” look.

On the 4-5th day after the procedure for applying permanent lip makeup, they will look great, provided that you follow all the recommendations for care.

It is worth remembering that even after complete convergence of the crusts, it is impossible to immediately assess the result, as the process of spreading and fixing the coloring pigment will continue for some time. You can judge the results of the procedure more correctly after 25-30 days.

Care for lips

 14 days after the procedure we advise you to:

  • use special lip balm for healing;
  • wash with boiled warm water, do not use detergents.

Don’t do these things:

  • forcibly remove the crusts;
  • steam on the lips;
  • do not allow drying and cracking of the lips;
  • do not use lip makeup;
  • sunbathe;
  • do not use alcoholic tonics;
  • do not depilate the hair above the upper lip;

The Permanent makeup of lips is not advice to be done when

  • diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent form);
  • bleeding disorders;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • acute inflammatory diseases;
  • acute form of herpes;
  • skin diseases in the field of micropigmentation;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

5 reasons to choose permanent makeup of lips in Kircheva Beauty in London:

  • My knowledge and skills in this area are my pride. I managed to build the knowledge and skills of a true professional. I do not just make a tattoo, but carefully choose the optimal color combination and shape for each occasion. Trust your lips to me – I will handle any task!
  • We will never save money for quality. That is why we use the highest quality and safest dyes for micropigmentation. In addition, we can always offer you effective anaesthetics that will relieve you of pain and will not affect the end result.
  • The safety of our customers is a top priority for us. You can always be sure that only sterile needles are used, to get acquainted with the quality certificates of the dyes, etc.
  • The individual approach is the key to success in permanent makeup for lips. I always take into account all your wishes, characteristics of your appearance and advise the most advantageous option. We strive to ensure that the end result always pleases the customer and is aesthetically pleasing and accurate.
  • Affordable price for permanent makeup of lips.

Permanent makeup of lips – prices

Name of the procedureprice
Permanent makeup of lips£200
Retouch of permanent makeup of lips£70


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