Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Permanent makeup of eyebrows – what is it?

Do you dream of fashionable, well-groomed and thick eyebrows? Then your choice is permanent makeup of eyebrow. Permanent makeup of eyebrow, also known as micropigmentation, is essentially an eyebrow tattoo, but the procedure is softer and almost painless. The pigment is not very deep and pointed under the skin. As a result of micropigmentation you will get slightly shaded, fluffy and maximally natural eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

£170 per treatment

£70 retouch

Who has to get advantage of this procedure?

  • if you have light and thin eyebrow hairs;
  • hair grows sparsely or randomly and you need to fill in the gaps between them;
  • if you are happy with the shape of your eyebrows, but do not want to color them daily;
  • the contour of the eyebrows is not clearly defined;

Why to choose permanent makeup of eyebrows in Kircheva Beauty London?

  • Permanent makeup does not wash off and does not fade in the sun;
  • Pigments are hypoallergenic, unlike makeup products;
  • This procedure saves time, which is important for business ladies;

Permanent makeup of eyebrows in London

New, modern technique of permanent make-up, spraying (shadow, pixel shading) helps to create the perfect look of the eyebrows with the ultimate imitation of natural beautiful eyebrows. The technique of surface injection of pigment (micropigmentation) with shading creates a smoky effect on the eyebrows, which gives them only a soft outline, brightness and natural look. The light tones without pretentiousness, the smooth stretching of the color and the shape without strict outlines make the technique for applying permanent makeup of eyebrow really unique for London. The method is painless, less traumatic due to the introduction of pigment under the skin to a depth of 1 mm, the technique of applying permanent makeup eyebrow mimics a pen with shadows or pencil. Permanent makeup eyebrow – really beautiful and spectacular. Make great eyebrows in our new studio in London – Kircheva Beauty.

The uniqueness of shading shadows lies not only in the principle of its implementation, but also in the fact that the technique is suitable for every woman. Permanent makeup of eyebrows looks equally great on young and aging skin, and the effect lasts well on both oily and dry skin. An invaluable advantage of permanent makeup of eyebrow (micropigmentation) is that with its help you can hide any imperfections.

Permanent makeup of eyebrows is ideal if you want to get a natural look without the daily use of cosmetics. The technique emphasizes the virtues, creates accents on the eyebrows and eyes and effectively hides any imperfections. You no longer need to try to hide them on a daily basis by brushing with shadows or a pencil. In the end, even the most obvious flaws will be effectively hidden and invisible.

Except of eyebrows in Kircheva Beauty we are doing permanent makeup of lips and eyeliner permanent makeup.

Satisfied customers are making us happy

This is our main priority in Kircheva Beauty London. Here are some of the benefits and reasons to choose us for this long-lasting beauty procedure:

  • Safe tools – the stylist performs micropigmentation with disposable needles. For each procedure, the stylist in our studio opens a new sterile needle. Prior to the procedure, each instrument must be disinfected
  • Great specialist – we can guarantee great results of the procedure because we are confident in the quality. Every procedure performed looks natural and organic. The stylist does not stop learning new techniques and I myself teach others to design permanent makeup of eyebrows.
  • Natural materials – our stylists work with bio pigments of plant origin with soft and natural shades. The pigment naturally takes root in the skin and does not turn into unexpected colors, as is the case with other products.
  • Discretion in an individual studio – in Kircheva Beauty we perform this procedure alone with you and no one else. You will not feel discomfort from the presence of other people in the studio while we put permanent makeup eyebrow on you. We perform sterile cleanliness before each procedure.
  • Care service – we accept each client as our good friend. You can choose which music or audiobook to include during your eyebrow micropigmentation procedure.
  • An atmosphere you don’t want to leave – with a smile we will offer you a cup of coffee or tea and delicious treats.

Every client becomes a friend of the company – he will be able to find help, support, learn the latest news in the world of beauty. Together we will rejoice in your successes and achievements!

Permanent Makeup of Eyebrows1,5 hour£170
Retouch of permanent makeup of eyebrows£70

Applying permanent makeup of eyebrows is the safest and painless technique. And contrary to all opinions, the technique can be performed on pregnant and lactating women. Superficial application of pigment under the skin causes minimal damage. Therefore, the procedure does not provide pain and can be performed without the use of painkillers. During the procedure the pigment does not enter the blood and in no way affects the quality of milk, its quantity and lactation in general. We guarantee complete safety.


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