carbon laser peel - Hollywood peeling

Carbon laser peeling in Greenford, West London explained in detail in easy to understand way

Carbon peeling is a light cosmetic procedure for deep cleaning and rejuvenation of the skin under the influence of a laser. It is also known as “carbon peel”, “Hollywood peel” and “carbon laser peel” and it uses a special nano-gel based on carbon (carbon dioxide). Often, this procedure is referred to by specialists as “carbon facial cleansing” due to the deep cleansing of the pores and is recommended for use in patients with acne, but not in its acute stage. In addition, under the action of a laser, the production of own collagen in the epidermis is stimulated, due to which the skin acquires elasticity.

The main advantage of laser carbon facial peeling is the quick recovery after the procedure. It is known for its gentle effect on the skin and you can benefit from it in our studio in Greenford, West London. When compared to other peeling procedures, carbon lase peeling has very few side effects and almost no contraindications. There is no pain, and there is also the possibility that the procedure can be carried out throughout the year.

Carbon Laser Peeling

£79 per procedure

Package of 3 Procedures

£210 3 procedures

Course of the carbon laser peeling procedure in Greenford, West London

man and woman during carbon laser peeling

To perform carbon laser peeling, the beautician applies nano-gel, waits for it to dry completely, and then begins to apply the laser to the skin. Next is the application of a soothing mask. In our cosmetic studios in Greenford, West London, the entire procedure takes between 45 and 60 minutes. In order to achieve the best effect, we at Brow Studio Kircheva Beauty recommend doing 4 or 5 procedures with an interval of a week or two. We will be able to determine with greater accuracy by assessing the condition of your skin and the desired effect after laser carbon peeling.

How does carbon peeling really work?

In reality and in practice, when the laser interacts with the nano-gel, the epidermis heats up, the carbon literally explodes, and this exfoliates the dead cells. This reaction unclogs the pores and renews the skin.

When is carbon peeling recommended?

Carbon laser peeling in our studio in Greenford, West London is recommended for several skin conditions or imperfections. We at Brow Studio Kircheva Beauty recommend you to do it for the following skin problems:

  • At the first signs of aging;
  • For post-acne scars;
  • With highly increased skin fat;
  • For dull complexion and uneven texture;
  • In spot pigmentation;
  • In rosacea – chronic inflammation of the skin of the face;
  • With comedones – black dots;
Carbon Peeling - Hollywood Peeling

The carbon laser peeling procedure with carbon nano-gel reacts perfectly to all skin types, but is most suitable for oily skin. This is because it solves several important problems that occur with such skin. Carbon laser peeling, also known as Hollywood peeling, reduces sebum secretion, tightens and cleans pores and evens out relief after inflammation.

When is carbon peeling not recommended?

Despite all the positives of carbon laser peeling and its comprehensiveness, there are still some contraindications. It is not recommended in any of the following cases, but please consult a doctor to confirm:

  • In oncological diseases;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • In case of allergy to gel;
  • In diabetes;
  • In case of inflammation of the skin for treating;
  • In other dermatological diseases;
  • During chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • In the presence of herpes;
  • Keloid-prone – this is when a type of skin injury heals by spreading beyond the initial damage;

Of course, as with any other peeling, some side effects can occur with carbon laser peeling. Here they are much less and are usually limited to mild redness, itching or peeling. But the recovery process can be shortened and no traces of them remain with proper care during the recovery period. In principle, carbon peeling cannot be dangerous.

What results to expect after carbon laser peeling in Greenford, West London

After a course of carbon peeling procedures in Kircheva Beauty Greenford, West London, we promise you the effect of the “porcelain doll” – namely, to have smooth and radiant skin. You can easily expect a reduction in the number of wrinkles and an improvement in your complexion. This is achieved thanks to the effect of the laser on the deep layers of the skin, which activates the process of production of its own collagen.

stunning face skin after a procedure of carbon laser peeling

Also, after carbon laser peeling in Greenford, West London, you can see the following positive results:

  • Anti-aging effect;
  • Lightening age spots;
  • Closing of pores;
  • Reduction of comedones;
  • Reducing the oily shine of the skin;

Carbon laser facial cleansing – when and how to do it

Carbon laser peeling is all-season. What does that mean? Carbon peels do not have the strict seasonal restrictions that chemical peels have, for example. But although dermatologists and beauticians around the world convince us that the procedure can be done all year round, we at Kircheva Beauty in West London, Greenford still recommend that you follow some care rules during the recovery period.


Those great sunny days can wreak havoc on our skin. It is absolutely mandatory to use sunscreen during the period of active sun. And after carbon peeling, you should be protected with at least SPF 50 to avoid the appearance of exactly those age spots against which you also had laser carbon peeling or cleansing. There is a lot of controversy that you may see online about whether carbon peeling (carbon laser peeling) is harmful or beneficial in the summer. Our answer is: there is no strict prohibition and no visible consequences.


Is it safe to have carbon laser peels in the spring? Yes, of course, it is relevant at this time of the year, because the skin is exhausted from the long absence of sun and vitamins and becomes dull in colour. Our recommendation is to find time and do the course of procedures before the second half of April, when the sun already becomes as active as possible.


Winter is the ideal time for exfoliation, and accordingly for carbon laser peeling. The skin has enough time to fully recover without side effects such as sun and heat. The main correction is that the skin should be moisturized regularly with special products for recovery after carbon peeling.


In the circles of beauticians and dermatologists, it is a well-known fact that chemical peeling starts from mid-October, but carbon laser peeling, as we already know, does not have such strict restrictions. And on the other hand, autumn is the right season to even out the complexion and, oh-so-precisely, to do carbon peelings, which in autumn also work wonderfully against dull skin.

Preparation period for carbon peeling in West London

When you have your first consultation with our specialist, we will test your skin’s sensitivity to the medicine and estimate in general how many procedures you will need. Just the night before the carbon laser peeling procedure in one of our cosmetic centres in West London (Greenford), it is not recommended to use and clean products with abrasive particles.

Procedure of carbon laser peeling in salon of Kircheva Beauty

To make the procedure even clearer, we will go into details of the entire process from the moment you step into a Kircheva Beauty salon. Performing a carbon laser peel involves the following steps:

  1. First, the makeup you are wearing is removed;
  2. The skin is then disinfected with an antiseptic;
  3. The so important nano-gel is applied;
  4. Wait a little for the gel to dry;
  5. We also include the laser in action to treat the skin with it;
  6. We clean and remove what is left of the gel on the skin;
  7. And finally we apply a soothing mask;

The procedure of carbon laser peeling or as it has recently become known Hollywood peeling is absolutely painless and we can promise you that it does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient. It is for this reason that carbon peeling is not limited to one area of the skin, but it can be done on different parts of the body.


Like most cosmetic procedures, carbon peeling is most often done on the face. It is popular because it solves several of the most common problems in the skin of the face at once: age-related changes, pigmentation, enlarged pores, oily skin.


Carbon peeling can be very effective on the back. Dermatologists prescribe it in the presence of age spots and acne in this area.


Carbon laser peeling of neck is recommended for anti-aging. And more precisely with age-related changes in the neck, as well as for a slight smoothing of the rings of Venus.


Breasts are a beautiful part of the human body, but they are often prone to age spots, loss of skin tone and acne. And to solve all these problems with a relatively cheap procedure, you can probably guess what dermatologists recommend – carbon peeling, or our the familiar carbon laser peeling in West London, more particular in Greenford.

After the procedure – our tips for recovery and care

The skin recovers quite quickly after carbon peeling or as it is professionally called carbon laser peeling. It is quite normal that the next day there are practically no traces of the procedure. But still, are there some rules worth following:

  • It’s not mandatory, but still avoid direct sunlight and don’t forget to use sunscreen;
  • do not visit swimming pools, baths or saunas;
  • on the day after the procedure, it is better to refrain from using cosmetics;
  • for a while stop using cosmetics containing alcohol;

Complications after carbon laser peeling are very rare, and they often arise from not following these simple rules. In addition, we will recommend special products for faster recovery of your skin after the procedure.

Can you do a carbon peel at home?

After learning about all these positives and very few negatives of Hollywood peeling, many people make the mistake of believing that the main character in the process is the nano-gel, which can be easily and safely used at home. But they miss the essence of the procedure, which is the effect of a laser on a carbon gel. It is he who starts the processes of skin renewal. Therefore, it is practically impossible to do carbon laser peeling at home without having the expensive equipment and the laser itself.

In general, the products used for home care are many times weaker for safety purposes. The concentration of active substances in the products used in beauty salons is several times higher than those for home use. This is evidence that this type of procedure should be performed under the supervision of a specialist. If you still want our opinion on what you can do yourself at home, then use peelings sold in regular cosmetics stores. They are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to harm your skin.

Which is preferable – Laser carbon peeling or Chemical peeling?

The answer is not as simple and straightforward as most people expect. Much depends on the season, the desired effect and the reaction of the skin. You can check out many before and after carbon peel photos to see the difference. The fact is that chemical peels can be more effective because they can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. But, as we have already explained, there are strict seasonal restrictions – from October to April. And on the other hand, charcoal facial cleansing is affordable.

Another point of view is that after a chemical peel, the skin has a long recovery process. While after carbon laser peeling in Greenford, West London, the very next day there will be practically no trace of the procedure.

The third perspective is painfulness. Both procedures are virtually painless. But with chemical peeling, a slight burning sensation will be felt when the solution is applied.