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Brow lamination: technology and results

Feminine nature gives the surrounding world beauty and harmony. If genetics has not pleased you with expressive thick and silky eyebrows, everything can be easily fixed in the beauty salon of Kircheva Beauty in London with the help of a simple procedure – brow lamination.

Brow Lamination Price

£35 per treatment

Recently, the procedure for brow lamination in London and around the world has become increasingly polar. Various stars of show business, beauty bloggers and various beauties from London, who follow the fashion trends, choose this procedure. Instagram models demonstrate sexy brow lamination in gorgeous photos. At Kircheva Beauty we can also do a lash lift.

The existence of the procedure is explained by the fact that the price in the beauty salons for brow lamination in London is pretty acceptable. As a result of the procedure your face will get a special expressiveness, the eyebrow’s hairs are strengthened and become elastic, the eyebrows will have an enhanced color and healthy shine.

At first many are wondering: brow lamination, what is this treatment?

The technique of brow lamination is done in three important steps:

  • modelling of the shape;
  • repairing the hairs of the brow;
  • brow tinting;

The treatment in a professional beauty studio solves many problems with your look:

  • restores the weakened structure;
  • gives density;
  • aligns asymmetrical shapes;
  • adds color to eyebrows that have lost theirs;
  • creates a clean styling to chaotically growing eyebrows;
  • helps to correct the consequences of a failed tattoo.

How is brow lamination done: technology and stages of lamination

The procedure lasts from approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour. The materials used for brow lamination depend on the choice of your specialist. The technology consists of successive procedures and professional actions of the specialist:

  1. The procedure begins with disinfection of the specialist’s hands and the treatment area.
  2. Eyebrows are cleaned of makeup, dirt and degreased.
  3. The shape of the brows is corrected and given a symmetrical look, the shape is modelled according to the style of the client.
  4. Application of special composition for brow lamination on the prepared eyebrows: serums with collagen, silk protein, minerals, vitamins and valuable oils. The enriched composition creates lasting protection, gives the eyebrow hair shine and maintains its appearance with a modern effect.
  5. If necessary, using a brow lamination tool is applied an addition of pigment dye.
  6. The last stage. After drying, another layer of agents is applied to the brow hairs, which will fix the result and shape the brows. A gel envelops each hair, keeping all the valuable components inside.

Questions from customers?

All clients want to know the answer to the question: is eyebrow lamination effective and how long does it take after a salon visit? If there was no staining, the effect lasts about a month and a half. The effect usually lasts a little over a month after the procedure.

When asked if this procedure can be done on pregnant and breast feeding women, experts definitely do not recommend it! The brow lamination in this period is impractical due to a number of physiological characteristics of the organism.

The procedure for long-term brow lamination has several negative effect for people who have:

  • serious ophthalmic and skin diseases;
  • conjunctivitis, facial herpes, sty;
  • inflammation of the skin or mechanical damage in the treatment area.

Many women are interested in the question of how to make homemade brow lamination and will the effect last?

To perform the brow lamination yourself at home, you can watch a video of the procedure in Internet and study the instructions. You will also need to purchase an eyebrow and eyelash lamination kit that is sold in specialty stores or online.

You can prepare your own gelatine-based solution to use to perform brow lamination in your home. The Internet today is full of similar recipes. First you need to determine the expected effect and then find information with video tutorials on how to do everything at home, what you need for them and how to do it. For those who do not like to commit for a long time without being sure in the final result and want to get a lasting effect, I recommend buying a finished composition for brow lamination online. Or it is best to just visit the beauty salon of Kirchev Beauty in London, and eliminate all risks of achieving an unsatisfactory result from untested recipes.

Before visiting the salon, it is recommended to study the stylist’s portfolio: examples of a photo of eyebrow lamination and do not forget to read the reviews of regular customers for whom they have already done brow lamination in the particular salon. This will help avoid side effects and save time. In addition, on the already completed brow lamination, reviews, as well as real photos before and after, will clearly demonstrate the effect.

To make long-term brow lamination and lash lift in the big city like London, just sign up for a visit to Kirchev Beauty. And if you want to do the procedure for brow lamination in London, contact us to book you a slot and explain in more details how it will be done – Contact us


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