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The beauty of women has always been and will always be a hot topic. And the face is of course the first thing that you see and is always taken care with a very special attention. There are thousands of cosmetic companies today that work to emphasize the natural beauty and attractiveness of the women’s face or to correct some minor flaws. As for the eyebrows, the nowadays famous effect called powder brows or powdered brows, remains the best and most popular type of permanent makeup.

What are Powdered Brows

Beautifully and expressively defined eyebrows can now be seen on almost every girl. Most of them have achieved a similar effect using different tattooing techniques – every day applying makeup or permanent makeup, microblading and the one we are writing about, powdered brows. Modern cosmetology offers many options for performing such procedures, but the most natural result, based on the reviews of most women in London, is obtained after tattooing performed as powdered brows.

Eyebrow tattooing has become a real salvation for the ladies, who are not satisfied with the shape, colour or density of their natural eyebrows. Thanks to this service, it became possible to emphasize the attractiveness and to hide the flaws. We at Kircheva Beauty in Greenford, West London have a studio in Ealing and we are performing the procedure powdered brows on a regular basis. Woman are more than satisfied with their appearance after that.

In addition, tattooing and permanent makeup has a long-lasting result. A woman can save time and that she normally spends on daily makeup and eyebrow dyeing with expensive cosmetics. This guarantees confidence in their well-groomed appearance, regardless of external factors, situations and weather conditions.

Among the characteristics of powder brows, it is worth noting the fact that the process of introducing colouring pigment under the skin is less painful compared to most tattooing techniques. Powdered brows is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that is performed in a gentle way. The process of dyeing eyebrows is carried out using a special machine that sprays the paint.

Characteristics, positives and negatives

The technique of powdered brows that we describe will help to achieve the most natural result, giving expressiveness to the eyebrows. Upon careful examination of the skin under the hairs after the process of powder brows, multiple dots can be seen. Thanks to them is created an effect of shading with shadows and colour shading. Unlike the clear and more intense colouring that is obtained with the help of regular tattooing, the eyebrows look like they are coloured with a pencil.

Beautiful Brows with Kircheva Beauty in Ealing West London

The color, shape and appearance after such a gentle procedure of powdered brows, remain attractive and perfect (even without clearly defined borders), and the visual volume is preserved.

During the complete restoration of the epidermis after powdered brows, the colour remains at the original level for a long time. The healing process is taking shorter time and the presence of crusts are not accompanied by strong discomfort compared to other techniques.

Like any cosmetic procedure, the powdered brows is a type of permanent makeup that has its pros and cons.

Cosmetologists emphasize the following positive features of powdered brows:

  • rapid process of restoration of the epidermis after injection of pigment;
  • the whole process of powdered brows takes about an hour;
  • the pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions and irritations;
  • powdered brows does not hurt as much as a regular tattoo;
  • the result of the procedure will be as natural as possible;
  • the application of the colouring composition does not require the removal of his hairs from the eyebrows;
  • you can adjust the saturation of the eyebrow shade;
  • over time, blue discoloration or a change in shade from brown to red is completely irrelevant

The disadvantages of powdered brows according to the specialists of Kircheva Beauty:

  • The high cost of such permanent makeup (powdered brows) compared to classic tattooing. The reason for that is the necessary of high qualification and practice of the beautician.
  • Compared to conventional eyebrow tattooing, powder brows will have a shorter lasting result. The effect lasts about 2 years (on average). This may be taken as advantage if you consider the flexibility and chance to change your look after shorter time.
  • Since the technology of powdered brows is still relatively new, it can be difficult to find a truly professional craftsman. Luckily we at Kircheva Beauty are experienced and professional in the permanent makeup of powdered brows.
  • Powdered brows cannot radically change the eyebrows, but it is guaranteed to make them more effective.

The permanent makeup known as powdered brows needs correction. As a rule, it is carried out 1-2 months after the first spraying. A similar interval between visits to a beautician is necessary to completely exfoliate the crusts and restore the epidermis. Before the period of recovery is passed, a woman should not disturb this area of the face. Otherwise, there is a risk that the correction will have the opposite effect.

There are some cases that powdered brow is not suitable

It is definitely worth dwelling on the contraindications for powder brows. The situations in which the procedure will be completely contraindicated and the periods during which it is worth temporarily giving up eyebrow tattooing.

Powdered Brows Ealing - Process

The powdered brows cannot be performed in diseases such as:

  • diabetes;
  • AIDS;
  • oncological diseases;
  • serious damage to the epidermis in the eyebrow area;
  • individual intolerance to any means used in work;
  • low blood clotting;
  • endocrine diseases.

You should temporarily refrain from applying permanent makeup in the following situations:

  • on critical days;
  • with colds and viral diseases;
  • with elevated body temperature;
  • tattooing is not done for pregnant and breastfeeding women, because during these periods the epidermis of woman undergoes some changes that can adversely affect the result of the procedure.

Who is powdered brows for?

It is worth highlighting a number of recommendations regarding which type of eyebrows powdered brows are recommended:

  • if the eyebrows grow quite densely, but there are bald spots that can be filled with a powdered brows;
  • in situations where the natural color of the eyebrows of women will be much lighter than the color of the hair, then the created contrast can be smoothed out with the help of spraying;
  • with the correct shape of your eyebrows to exclude their daily coloring;
  • to give a clearer outline;
  • powder brows are suitable for those women who quickly fade their eyebrow hairs in contact with the sun’s rays.
Powdered Brows

Powdered brows is an excellent solution to get rid of the need to draw eyebrows every day, although on sale you can find various cosmetic products for these areas big discount. The result of these products will last until the end of the day, at the best scenario, and the powdered brows are more durable, practical in winter, summer, as well as during travel.

How to take care for powdered brows after the procedure

The duration of the effect after powdered brow depends on the qualification and talent of the beautician, but the same responsibility for the result is borne by the client, her approach to recommendations for further care. Here at Kircheva Beauty we will give you the best advice we can and will advise you on what products is best to use for your eyebrows.

After applying the paint, the eyebrows are treated with a layer of petroleum jelly. The product should be removed from the skin at home (after 2-3 hours). This can be done with a mild soap solution.

There are a number of mandatory rules that must be followed after cosmetic correction of eyebrows knows as powdered brows.

The main rules to follow after powdered brows are described below:

  • During the first 2-3 days, contact of the eyebrows with water should be avoided. After this time, you can safely wet them.
  • It is worth giving up the use of eyebrow cosmetics.
  • If you use a hair dryer to style your hair, then it is not recommended to direct the stream of hot air to the eyebrows.
  • It is necessary to protect this area of the face from sunlight. In this case, wide-brimmed hats or sunglasses that hide the eyebrows can help.
  • Punctures heal faster if they are given maximum rest for 1-2 weeks. This means that the use of scrubs and visits to solariums should be temporarily abandoned.
Powdered Brows - Before - After
Another Great example of before and after powdered brows with Kircheva Beauty in Ealing, West London

Specialists have conflicting opinions about the use of accelerate skin regeneration – some of them accelerate the washing away of the colouring pigment.

Complete recovery of the epidermis after the procedure of powdered brows occurs in 3 weeks (on average). However, this value is an average, as healing will occur in different ways in each individual case. Here it is worth taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin.


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