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Enjoy a month without worries after just a half an hour in the salon: the most popular procedure is brow lamination and tint. What is brow lamination & tint, who is it suitable for, and who is it not for, as well as the secrets of styling and post-care – says makeup artist Tanya Kircheva from Brow Studio Kirchev Beauty in London.

What Is Brow Lamination & Tint

Before and After Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination & tint simply said is a long-term styling of eyebrows. This allows you to fix the hairs of your eyebrows in the desired position, give a beautiful shape to unruly eyebrows and eliminate the need to use fixing gels every day. For the next month, your eyebrows will look freshly combed – and very natural. And the tint of course is a simple long term tinting the hair colours.

How brow lamination is done

The procedure of brow lamination and tint usually consists of three stages:

  1. First, a softening compound is applied to the eyebrows, which opens the hair scales, and fixed with a transparent film to prevent contact with air. The skin may turn red, but the redness usually disappears after 15 minutes. For those who have had bad experiences with hair tinting, allergies to dye or aggravated skin sensitivity, it is better to pre-test on the crook of the elbow. But in general, the compounds are safe and, of course, dermatologically tested.
  2. The second stage of brow lamination and tint is the actual fixation. The composition will be applied to the eyebrows, then they will be shaped to the desired look – and left like that for a while. When the composition is washed off, the hairs will remain in their original position.
  3. The third stage is shaping and tinting. The stylist works with the brow hairs, trying not to affect the skin, due to which the result looks very natural, and the eyebrows take on a completely new look.

Who does it suit to have brow lamination & tint

brow lamination and tint is for

Those who have thin, devoid of volume, sparse eyebrows. Due to the fact that the hairs are combed up, the illusion of rather dense, voluminous eyebrows is created. Those who lack fullness of their eyebrows will have to draw them a little with a pencil or shadows, but the eyebrows themselves after brow lamination & tint will be beautiful and naturally. Brow lamination and tint is also suitable for those who have long curly eyebrow hairs: they will become softer and more manageable.

Who is not suitable for brow lamination & tint

brow lamination and tint is not for

Lamination is not recommended for those who naturally have very long hairs that do not fit into the shape of the eyebrows. After lamination, the hairs lose their natural volume, they become too straight and look like a fence. Sometimes, under their own weight, they do not even hold tightly to the skin, but begin to hang menacingly over the upper eyelid. Well, or just the width of the eyebrows becomes threatening – due to the vertical arrangement of the hairs.

What is in the compound used for brow lamination & tint

I try to use the best, most efficient and the least harmful for your natural eyebrow hairs compound. The one I work with contains keratin (the protein that makes up hair), the amino acid cysteine, and collagen for elasticity. In combination, this compound makes the hairs plastic and gives them shine.

There are cheaper options to use for brow lamination and tint in London that make eyebrows stiff. This is especially bad with consequences if the hairs are soft and thin by nature. If brow lamination is performed with a cheap and low quality compound several times in a row, the hairs will begin to break off, and the eyebrows will look much worse than they originally were.

What to do and how to threat your brows after the procedure

It is undesirable to wet the eyebrows after the procedure for a day. Opposed to that eyebrow’s oil is recommended to be used. My favourite is argan. It can be used every day at night or as a light, moisturizing fixative during the day. For the lazy of us – do that at least 3 times a week. It will preserve the plasticity of the hairs and prevent brittleness with constant repetition of the procedure. The oil should be applied to a spindle-shaped brush (you can use a clean mascara brush), and only then distribute the product through the hairs with it.

I understand that not everyone loves the texture of oil and not everyone is comfortable with it on their eyebrows. But those who love the feeling of a working composition on their eyebrows (as a rule, these are girls with dry skin) will be satisfied. For girls with oily skin, it is important to apply oil only to the hairs, without touching the skin, so as not to clog pores.

How long the results from brow lamination & tint will last

Now the eyebrows will retain the desired shape without problems – the effect will last about a month. All that is needed is to comb them after washing, giving the desired direction. You can use a comb and oil; transparent fixing gels are perfect. My favourite is the ViStudio Superfix Brow&Lash brow gel, which can also be used on lashes when you need to turn regular mascara into waterproof mascara.


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