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Tinted eyelashes are the basis of everyday makeup for many girls in London. Now imagine a dream come true: in the morning you wake up next to your loved one, and your eyes are already made up! Eyelashes are looking natural but are black and curled, and don’t look like having extensions – this can be achieved if high-quality lash lift and tint is done in London, also known as lamination. We decided to find out everything about the procedure – and we are in a hurry to share it!

The basics of lash lift and the advantages of the treatment

Lamination of eyelashes, lash lift, is a procedure after which your eyelashes become curled, stiffer and at the same time tinted.

The effect of tinted eyelashes as a result of lamination

As I said above, lamination not only curls the eyelashes and lifts them up, but also includes colouring in black. It looks like you put on a single layer of mascara – very natural, but at the same time with the effect of eyes that have make-up on them.

Now it’s not difficult to guess why lamination of eyelashes is so good, since there are so many positives in it. About 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure, the curvature of the eyelashes becomes a little less pronounced, but lamination itself is not washed out of the hair, it grows as new eyelashes grow, this is a natural process.

How long does the lash lift procedure take?

The duration of the procedure is on average about 1 hour, although in some cases it can take up to 2 hours. It depends on a number of factors.

Experience of the stylist: A professional will conduct a sensitivity test of the components to avoid allergies. It takes time. But at the same time, an experienced specialist will be more dexterous and faster. In Kircheva Beauty London, you can trust us, because we have the experience to proceed with fast and confident.

The quality of materials: Bad brushes and other devices have a direct impact on the speed of applied materials. It will be low if the salon saves money. Reviews about such lash lift and tint services will then be unflattering. We are proud to lead you to our reviews page and social media pages where regular customers are sharing there experience at Kircheva Beauty London.

Length and thickness of eyelashes: If nature has not cheated you, working with such cilia will take more time.

Excerpt compositions: Speed ​​is also not always an indicator of quality. Some chemical components need to be left for a certain time. Carefulness here affects the uniformity of hair colouring. As a result, everything should look natural.

Is it possible to apply mascara after lash lift and tint

before lash lift

After 4 to 6 weeks, the lashes will begin to grow and push the laminated part, but this is not a problem. Eyelashes will not look creepy, as it happens when extensions fall off. Regular mascara helps hide minor imperfections. Tint lighter than the entire length of the roots, and there will be no harm.

In Kircheva Beauty London we can recommend you a special mascara for laminated eyelashes. This mascara has care components in its composition, and at the same time prolongs the effect of lamination.

How long does lash lift and tint last?

The procedure is done no more than once every 2 months. Is it possible to do lash lift and tint every month? We at Kircheva Beauty London do not recommend to be done too often. If a specialist offers you to do a second procedure earlier than in 2 months, you should look for another specialist.

It is for this period that the effect of lash lift and tint should be enough. It may be shorter for a number of reasons:

  • You sleep on your stomach, face down on a pillow, for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • You use chemicals to curl your eyelashes.
  • Your eyelashes grow too fast and the result is not so noticeable.

However, these reasons are not enough to run to the specialist ahead of schedule. Immediately after visiting the salon, you may have a question about how long you cannot wet your eyelashes after lift and tint procedure. Answer: Exactly one day. If you forget and break this rule, do not be scared that the result will be spoiled.

There is a rumour that lash lift and tint is useful only three times in a row, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. In particular, the cilia will begin to crumble. But this is not true. Eyelashes are renewed every three months, and in general, the procedure, as mentioned above, strengthens them.

How lash lift and tint is done: stages of the procedure

To understand whether you should do lash lift and tint, you need to imagine how the process takes place. Whether you have enough endurance and whether you see the negative sides for yourself will become obvious after a step-by-step examination of the procedure.

Stage 1

Eyelashes are fixed on a special roller that forms a bend. Roller size S – for a very expressive curl, as well as short lashes, size M – for medium lashes and a moderate natural curl, and L – for long lashes and a natural curl on them.

Stage 2

Special chemical compositions for lash lift and tint are applied. First, the component that fixes the bend.

Stage 3

A keratin product is applied, which fixes the bend, neutralizes the harmful effects of chemistry and nourishes the hair.

Stage 4

Eyelashes are tinted with soft paint.

Stage 5

Care. Eyelashes are covered with an oil composition with vitamins to strengthen them, with a conditioning effect.

If you compare eyelashes before and after lamination, the difference will be huge. After the procedure, they look more lively, thicker and tending upwards.

By the way, if you decide on the procedure, you can do not only lash lift and tint, but also brow lamination and tint. Different compositions are also applied to the hairs to give them a beautiful shape. As a result, the eyebrows become obedient and look neat.

after lash lift 2

Lash lift & tint – cons of the procedure

An expressive look without artificial eyelashes has become possible thanks to modern technologies in the beauty industry. We, at Kircheva Beauty have listed the advantages of lash lift & tint above. But you cannot be ready for the procedure without knowing its shortcomings and contraindications.

  • The inflammatory process in the eye area, their disease in the first place will become an obstacle to lamination.
  • If you did plastic surgery or permanent makeup only a month ago. Absolutely forget lash lift and tint!
  • Is lash lift and tint is possible for pregnant women and nursing mothers? It is better to refrain for this period, since it is not entirely clear how the chemical components will behave.
  • Allergic reactions have not been cancelled. If you are prone to them, it makes sense to consult a good specialist and conduct tests.

How much does lash lift cost?

before lash lift 3
before lash lift 3 - profile pic

The cost of the procedure depends on several factors. If you go to a popular and prestigious beauty salon, the price will be pretty much similar. If you turn to a little-known beauty therapist who offers lash lift and tint at home, the service will be cheaper. What materials are used for the procedure also will affect the final price.

Lash lift at home

Self-confidence and your dexterous hands can work wonders and turn your eyelashes into fluttering butterflies. Of course, most likely the procedure at home will take more time than the master. But that’s hardly a big problem.

The main thing is to use quality materials. If you have studied the reviews well, consulted with professionals and bought a good ready-made set for lash lift, everything should be fine.


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