Laser Carbon Peel

  • After five treatments, a Daily Mail writer is blemish-free and has smoother skin
  • Laser and carbon treatments stimulate collagen and fight acne
  • Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian have tried Hollywood Peeling

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are always photographed with perfect skin on the red carpet – and their favourite facial treatment, Hollywood Peeling, may have something to do with it. These beautiful, elegant and classy women with always perfect skin may not rely only on beauticians, expensive cosmetics and plastic surgery.

Hollywood Peeling with Official Name – Laser Carbon Peeling

The so-called Hollywood Peel – the official name is Laser Carbon Peel – is said to stimulate collagen production, fight acne and even out skin tone.

Supporters and fans of the procedure swear it reduces scars and pigmentation, tightens pores and significantly reduces wrinkles, leaving your face tight and shiny, like those Hollywood stars who are the faces of the procedure around the world.

However, with prices high starting at £400 in London per session, the authors of the Daily Mail article ask, is it worth the money and can it make a real difference to skin with visual problems? The writer Deni Kirkova puts it to the test to show in real time and with as many realistic photos as possible. You will see below what happens to her face.

One small note, the prices in London and specifically in Kircheva Beauty in Greenford are far from so cosmic. In our studio, you can get Carbon Laser Peeling for £200 for a single procedure or to pay £500 for a package of 3 procedures.

The journalist from London suffers from problematic skin, which can be clearly seen from the photo after the first procedure. And after five procedures, also recommended by colleagues in London, she looks much better. As she says in the article at 25, your skin can look great or be at its best or be like hers and have self-confidence and self-esteem issues. The recommended for her was to do five rounds of procedures, because her scars and troubled skin were very deep.

She feels extremely strange in her skin when she already notices wrinkles, even small ones, on her face, and at the same time she still suffers from acne from her teenage years. She says she’s tried all kinds of skin care, but often gets frustrated when stubborn spots and the first signs of aging persist. The girl from London, like many of her peers, adores Angelina Jolie and dreams of looking like her. Any opportunity to get such a chance to have something in common with her celebrity idol, even through just a beauty procedure as the Hollywood Peel, is a glimmer of hope for her.

So she carefully chooses a suitable clinic in London and decides to do this test with her skin and the Hollywood peeling to see for herself if this method really works and if it’s worth it. Naturally, working and as a journalist prompts her to make the whole process public, so that anyone else who asks the same question can find at least a bit more information and confirmation of the Hollywood stars’ claims. She is recommended to have 5 procedures, which seems like an exorbitant price of £1,300, but she is determined to do them for a populistic purpose.

Because of its immediate results, carbon laser peels are said to be the leading anti-aging therapy in Los Angeles. This procedure is said to have zero downtime, and we know how important time is to Hollywood’s rich celebrities.

A carbon laser peel or Hollywood peel does not use harsh formulas or abrasive cleaning tools, which means no bleeding, no adverse chemical reactions or recovery time. And yet it promises the immediate effects one would expect from a professional facial peel.

One laser carbon peel session is £400 for the face and £450 for the face and neck. The Hollywood Peel is said to be able to actively treat acne, acne scars, large pores, pigmentation and age spots. And our prices are more than 50% lower – £200 for one procedure per person.

Carbon Laser Peeling - Hollywood peeling

The procedure begins when the therapist attaches eye protectors before applying a carbon mask – a mixture of carbon powder and water – using a cotton swab. As the laser passes through the skin, it emits pulses that heat the thin layers of collagen and skin tissue. The carbon mask also absorbs heat, transmitting it to the underlying skin, while the laser attacks the pigment.

The laser is then passed over the skin again – this time in another mode called Q-switch – which has a mild exfoliating effect. The second laser is much stronger than the first and can be quite shocking at first. It makes a loud clicking sound as the carbon is completely released from the skin.

Increasing the frequency of the laser causes the carbon mask to magically disappear from the face. It is not actually magic, but a simple physical reaction of evaporation. You can even see the smoke coming out of the skin. This is actually the carbon that evaporates, along with a very thin, superficial layer of skin! The writer from London says that fortunately she herself has not been able to really feel this reaction. Hollywood peeling is actually a superficial peeling that removes excess sebum, exfoliates the top layer of the skin and unclogs pores.

For the final stage of the laser carbon peel procedure, the speed of the laser is increased to remove any remaining carbon on the skin. The particles penetrate the pores and literally explode as they absorb the laser energy. In this way, they stimulate the production of collagen and cause the inner walls of the pores to shrink.

The London-based journalist says the exfoliation effect is immediate and as soon as the treatment was over, she felt her skin squeaky clean with pores cleared and minimized. There were no consequences, such as from chemical peels or other similar procedures.

Hollywood peels also stimulate collagen production, which is supposed to improve skin elasticity. The journalist’s face looked significantly smoother after the procedure.

A Hollywood Peel takes a total of 30-60 minutes and most people find the procedure quite comfortable. According to the journalist from London, she experienced slight pain during the laser carbon peeling, which slightly reduced its effect. But it depended on her pain threshold for a particular session. But honestly for the most part if she was well rested and in good health she could have taken a more intense laser setting and walked away with fantastic results.

After five sessions, the face of carbon laser peel the journalist from London was noticeably smoother and cleaner. She claims, however, that she is not sure how long the effects of the Hollywood peel will last before the natural processes of her problematic facial skin show.

This procedure, laser carbon peeling has become a hit in Hollywood with incredible speed and as mentioned above there are several famous actresses and singers who happily undergo it and even share the results of it. We at Brow Studio Kircheva Beauty are happy to be able to introduce this procedure and offer our customers Hollywood peeling at affordable prices for West London and more particular in Greenford, without making any concessions in the quality of the procedure.


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