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Eyelashes are the main decoration of your eyes, they are the focal point of your face, they are highlighting your beauty. That’s why we, women want them to be big and attractive with volume, to make us feel beautiful and attractive. This gives us confidence in ourselves. However, not always their growth allows us to achieve the most vivid, spectacular look. How can we fix that and achieve even better looking eyelashes than artificial extensions? We will tell in detail five effective ways to do that in a natural way.

Long and fluffy eyelashes are the dream of many women, so it is not surprising that one of the most popular beauty treatments in the beauty industry is eyelash extensions. However, there are several ways that we from Kircheva Beauty can advise you to grow your own eyelashes naturally. Therapist and specialist in beauty, permanent makeup and lash lift procedures Tanya Kirchev is sharing with you the most effective and proven ways to make eyelashes grow faster.

Choose your eyelash serum

Today, on the shelves of beauty shops and online, you can find many serums for eyelash growth with proven effectiveness. The active ingredient in many serums is , which has been shown in clinical studies to cause lashes to grow longer, thicker and darker. This effect is achieved by increasing the time during which the follicle remains in the growth phase.

It is also common to see advertisements for a range of over-the-counter beauty products that increase the length, thickness, and/or darkness of lashes. These products contain a large number of ingredients, such as patented peptides, natural extracts and vitamins, but because they are technically “cosmetic”, their effectiveness has not been critically evaluated, and the safety of use has not been fully studied.

Remember that before buying any product for the eye area (including eyelashes), you need to consult a dermatologist and cosmetologist who will select a safe, and, most importantly, effective product for you. We at Kircheva Beauty – Ealing take great care to use only best quality products, the one that works naturally and efficient for your eyelashes.

Use olive oil


Experts say that olive oil can improve the length and strength of your eyelashes. It is rich in essential fatty acids for beauty, which has softening and moisturizing properties. Apply a drop of oil to a clean brush or finger and spread over the entire length of the eyelashes before going to bed. Because olive oil is one of the most natural products you can actually use it alone or mixed with other skin care products without any problem.

Brush your lashes, but don’t use mascara

brushing eyelashes without mascara

Another natural way of stimulating your eyelashes to grow thicker, stronger and faster is to simply brush them without using any product. Similar like combing your hair this massages the base, increase the blood flow and it stimulates the growth. This tip may sound simple enough, but combing your lashes is a great way to make them look longer and promote their growth. Although not scientifically proven, many professional makeup artists and experts extol the virtues of brushing your lashes. Mascara often weighs them down and sticks them together, contributing to fallout and thinning.

Castor oil, another great, natural product that can stimulate eyelashes

Castor oil

While castor oil has been both praised and criticized for its effectiveness, one thing is clear: it does help hydrate lashes, making them thicker and fuller. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most common ingredients you can find in popular eyelash serum formulations. At the same time, castor oil is so versatile that you can use it in any skin care rituals – from massage to aromatherapy, for hair growth and softening of the skin. We at Kircheva Beauty strongly recommend that you use it as a natural ingredient to stimulate, strengthen and volumize your eyelashes. 

Express way: lash lift

lash lift feature

Another remedy that you can consider as an effective way to quickly “grow” your lashes is a perm, or lash lift, which uses a chemical solution to curl from root to tip. Unlike extensions, lash lift use your natural lashes for a 100% natural look. Beforehand, your lash specialist should determine how damaged or weakened your perm lashes are.

You can read some more about lash lift from this article:

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And if you want to consult us or you are ready to try this procedure, come and visit us. We will be happy to explain in more details if needed and to show you more pictures of other women who have done this to their lashes. Read about Lash Lift and Tint by Kirchev Beauty.


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