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Brow Lamination, Lash Lift and Permanent Makeup in London

Welcome to my websites. Kircheva Beauty – Your reliable specialist in brow lamination, lash lift, permanent makeup and other beauty treatments in London. If you have decided to give your brows, lashes or lips the irresistible look, you are in the right place. I will take care of this!

Tanya Kircheva – professional with a years of experience in the beauty treatment industry and graduated numerous courses in Ukraine – a country famous for its great achievements and numerous specialists on a World Class level in the beauty industry, and more particular in the current trends. The current trends in beauty treatments in the world are for more natural and permanent looking results, like lash lift, brow lamination and permanent makeup also knows as powdered brows. Tanya Kircheva is a huge connoisseur of the beauty and with a great pleasure and professionalism will take care of beautifying the desired from you zone. Be sure that in her hands you will absolutely safe, because for the treatments she is using a certified equipment (Purebeau) and obviously pigments, creams, gels and consumables with the highest standards. The cosiness and great service in our studio in London will lift your mood for the whole day ahead. And you will enjoy for a long time to the results of the perfect results of the treatment, no matter if it is a brow lamination, lush lift or permanent makeup you will enjoy .

Kircheva Beauty London will give you youth, beauty, elegance of the forms, vital energy, self confidence and dazzling look.

You are welcome to our beauty centre Kircheva Beauty, London for a free consultation and just to meet us and look around. See how we are working, what we are doing and where, before making the major step of booking one of the beauty procedures, like lash lift, brow lamination or permanent makeup.

The services we offer in London are:

  • Brow Lamination;
  • Lash Lift;
  • Permanent eyebrow makeup with “powder” effect. Also known as “powder brows”;
  • Permanent Eyeliner;
  • Permanent Lip contour;
  • 3D Lips with “Watercolor” technique;
  • Hairstyle and makeup for special events such as weddings, proms, parties, or just for dinner in a fine restaurant;

Kircheva Beauty also performs a laser procedure for tattoo removal. If you have a tattoo that you want to remove, come visit us, and after only a few procedures you will forget about it.

With Kircheva Beauty London, you get:

  • Opportunity to get the best professional cosmetics for your personal facial care;
  • A specialist who is constantly improving his knowledge, has the necessary certificates and many years of professional experience to do your brow lamination, lash lift, permanent makeup and other cosmetic procedures;
  • Guarantee for sterility and safety of the procedures;
  • The result will exceed your expectations;
  • We are always informed about the latest trends and new technologies in the beauty industry. That include the latest permanent makeup, lash lift and brow lamination;
  • You can get professional advice from a specialist on any issue regarding your look;
  • High level of service: attention and care is expecting out customer in London;

Permanent Makeup – An amazing opportunity to look flawless under any circumstances

Imagine that it is raining heavily outside and your make-up still looks like you have just been to a professional makeup artist. Sounds amazing? In fact, it is quite possible! It is enough to make a permanent make-up only once to forget about the troubles and worries about your appearance!

The beauty salon – Kircheva Beauty offers permanent makeup in London, which will give you the opportunity to look perfect in all circumstances. Some of you may have heard of this procedure as “powdered brow”.

The many benefits of permanent makeup in London

  • Permanent makeup lasts from 1.5 to 3 years. All this time, you will not need to draw eyeliner, to put make-up on your eyebrows or to use a lip liner. At the same time, your face will look expressive and bright.
  • The permanent makeup is designed by a professional taking into account all your features, such as hair and skin colour, face shape, etc. With permanent makeup in London, you will no longer have to waste half an hour every day in front of the mirror to make the perfect eyeliner or to put lipstick symmetrically. Flawless lines will be drawn by your professional permanent makeup artist during the procedure.
  • Can be modified or deleted. If you do not like the results of the procedure with permanent makeup, during the correction (a month after the initial procedure), the makeup artist can add colour or brightness, change the shape, length of the line or generally do everything to make you satisfied with the end result.
  • Permanent makeup is safe for the body. It is processed by the cells and completely eliminated from the body over time.

What do you save?

Just imagine how much time and money you spend each day on make-up. Expensive make-up, brushes, etc. Long staring in the mirror and tiring preparation every day. Once you’ve done your permanent makeup, it’s up to you to decide what to do with all the time you would spend doing your makeup every day. And also how you will spend the saved money on makeup, which you will minimize in the next 1.5 to 3 years.

What is permanent makeup?

Nowadays in the United Kingdom and especially in London permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. It has several varieties and is applied with different techniques. But they all have one thing in common: applying a colouring pigment to the skin with a special device, on a pre-drawn contour. This is how permanent or, as we call it, permanent makeup is created. It is also known as “powdered brows”.

The pigment is introduced at a depth of 0.3 to 0.8 millimeters. One month after the initial procedure, an adjustment is made (second procedure). Depending on the skin type and lifestyle, permanent makeup lasts from one to 3 years.

If you haven’t decided yet if you should do this procedure, we advise you to look at the pictures “Before” and “After” Permanent Makeup on the pages of the different services.

For more details and information on Permanent Makeup please follow the link ~ here

Brow lamination – naturally fuller, shiny and smooth eyebrows

The mother nature gives beauty and harmony everywhere around us. But if genetics haven’t pleased you with healthy looking, thick and silky eyebrows, everything can be easily done in the beauty salon Kircheva Beauty in London with the help of a simple procedure – brow lamination.

Recently, brow lamination is becoming increasingly popular in London. Various stars of show business, beauty bloggers and fashion models from London and all over UK, who follow the fashion trends are choosing this procedure. Instagram models and other influencers demonstrate sexy brow lamination in stunning pictures shared all over the internet. At Kircheva Beauty we also do brow lamination in London.

The massive popularity of the procedure is explained also by the fact that the prices for brow lamination in beauty salons around the capital London are very accessible. As a result of the procedure the face acquires a special expressiveness, the eyebrow hairs are strengthened and become flexible, the eyebrows gain colour and healthy glitter.

The benefits of brow lamination

There are many benefits of doing brow lamination in London. Except the obvious one, that is to look fashionable and sexy, there are some healthy benefits from the procedure as well:

  • restores the weakened structure of the brows;
  • gives density to the hairs and make the brows look thicker;
  • aligns brows that have asymmetrical shape;
  • adds colour to eyebrows that for some reason have lost it;
  • creates styling of chaotically growing eyebrows;
  • helps to correct the consequences of a failed tattoo;

If there was no colouring or dying of the eyebrows after the procedure, the effect of brow lamination can last about a month and a half. It is not a permanent result of course, but it lasts long with such beautiful results.

Lash Lift – The way to have remarkable eyelashes with long lasting results

Lash lift is a professional lifting method for modern and curved eyelashes. It is also known as lash lamination or lamination of eyelashes. It’s like curling your lashes in a raised, curved position. But unlike the harsh methods that once women used to curl their hair, the lash lamination procedure is a lot gentler.

The procedure of lash lift is having a semi-permanent result that aims to curl your lashes up and make them much more noticeable. There is no more the need for an eyelash curler! Unlike the procedures of eyelash extension, lash lift doesn’t involve sticking artificial fabric to the natural eyelash to create volume. Lash lift, also known as eyelash lamination beautifully enhances what you already have. Simply said, the procedure is basically curling your natural eyelashes.

Our approach and work

We in Kircheva Beauty London, guarantee our clients an extremely high level of safety and we always use expensive and high-quality materials and cosmetics. You can rest assured that the permanent makeup is made of extremely high-quality and tested pigments, applied with an extremely sterile disposable needle, observing all the rules of technology. We are dedicated to achieve beauty using and enhancing your natural eyebrows and lashes, so we are very careful not to hurt or damage them.


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